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Doc-link™ software is an integrated document management system (IDMS) that interfaces with your business system to effectively eliminate paper from your office. Doc-link integrates with Microsoft Dynamics:

  • Enables you to archive, process through workflow, retrieve and research document transactions from the desktop. Increase company productivity while enhancing communication to customers, vendors and employees.
  • Connects you with remote locations and business partners by automating the exchange and processing of data. Doc-link reduces data input and automates the processing of incoming documents.
  • Automatically captures, transforms and delivers your enterprise transactions to recipients in a variety of formats and distribution methods. Outgoing documents can be transformed and delivered to your recipients in a usable format along with secondary supporting documentation.

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Capture documents internally and externally. Whether you’re at your desk, down the hall, or across the country, you can gain fast, reliable access to important documents.

  • ERM (Electronic Report Management) captures and automatically indexes invoices, purchase orders, accounts payable and payroll checks, and all reports from Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Allows users to capture in-bound documents by scanning and faxing from remote offices, and by email from MS Windows operating system.
  • From the desktop, users can retrieve, view, annotate, print and fax or email documents and reports with security.
  • Collections can fax or email invoice copies with delivery receipt backup in seconds from the desktop.
  • Streamlines any paper intensive process like accounts payables and eliminates the costly downtime associated with manually retrieving paper documents and files.
  • Documents, reports and electronic files are accessed in seconds.

Workflow processes that provide control and approval of documents. Workflow should be just that, a smooth working flow of information that doesn’t get bottlenecked at the most critical places or times.

  • Allows you to configure your workflow to match your processing approval steps in sales order processing and payables management.
  • Workflow, integrated with your payables processes, moves invoices through your business for remote or local approval and vouchering into your financial software application and updates invoice index with check number.
  • Allows auditing and matching of invoices with purchase orders, receivers and packing slips for instant reconciliation.
  • Eliminates opening vendor invoices received via mail by allowing vendors to fax or email documents directly to doc-link.
  • Allows for remote office approval or review of invoices using workflow or email and electronic approval annotation with login, date and time from approver’s desktop.
  • Allows users to electronically approve invoices for payment and distribution of costs prior to entering invoice information into the accounting system. Users have access to vendor and GL account codes without accessing Microsoft Dynamics GP. Accounting personnel can import the data directly into the voucher entry screen eliminating transposition errors and double keying of data.
  • Users granted permission can instantly recall invoices by account charged within date range. Auditors have access to all invoices by account, amount or vendor.

Capture, transform and deliver printed and digital documents. Heighten reliability and efficiency of capturing and conveying documents, while lowering costs and time needed to get the job done.

  • Electronically email and fax documents and reports from the desktop on demand or automatically schedule distribution of:
    • Purchase orders to vendors
    • Invoices and statements to customers
    • Parts or plies of a business form electronically to department
    • Financial and sales reports
  • Automatically captures and stores print files from any business application and processes the print stream through recipient lists and routing tables to deliver documents via traditional print, email, fax, FTP or EFT. Additionally, the data you are sending can be transformed into XML, HTML, PDF, TIFF, CSV and EDI formats for repurposing without re-keying.
  • Sub-forms or templates can be created to isolate and communicate pertinent data to the exact needs of the recipient.
  • Eliminate the cost of pre-printed forms through the creation of form templates.
  • Rendition printing allows for the automatic collating of invoices with proof of delivery or any attachment based on customer-defined criteria.


Our interconnected integrated document management solution improves your business success by helping you better manage your documents. Benefits include:

  • Improved productivity – integrated document management provides all of your documents on-line on the desktop. This increases productivity in excess of 100% in tasks that are paper intensive.
  • Space savings by eliminating file cabinets – each optical disk equals 14 or more four-drawer file cabinets.
  • Elimination of thousands of photocopies per year.
  • Reduced cycle time – doc-link workflow moves documents from station to station. Orders are processed from sales to production more efficiently.
  • Elimination of lost or misfiled documents – all documents stored on backup optical disk in case of fire or natural disaster.
  • Increased employee satisfaction – provide more challenging duties for employees by decreasing mundane tasks such as searching for misplaced files.
  • Growth without adding additional staff to process documents. One customer increased their business 33% without adding personnel.
Areas Covered

As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified ERP Partner we provide Microsoft “Dynamics GP”, “Dynamics AX” ERP, BI360 Business Intelligence “BI” and “Dynamics CRM” software in Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Dallas, Denver, Orlando, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix and Nashville. Serving “Healthcare” (Clinics, Hospitals, Labs), “Senior Living” (Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, CCRC) and other industries.

Our business software solutions may be implemented on-premise, Cloud or Privately Hosted.

Examples: Financial Management for Hospitals, Senior Living Financial Management, Healthcare Financial Management, Microsoft CRM for Assisted Living.